Inferno has been superseded by Ngine.

What was Inferno?

Inferno was an Open Source 2D Game Engine written in C++.

What state is it in?

Inferno is currently in an “indev” status. It is at the point now where it can be used to develop games, but it does not supply too many tools to make this easy. An example of these missing tools is a complete UI engine, which is currently what is being worked on. Inferno is now cancelled.

What platforms did it run on?

Inferno was confirmed as working on Windows and Linux, Mac was untested. Inferno was planned to be coming to the Universal Windows Platform.


The Inferno Roadmap shows an outline of what was planned to happen over the course of the year.

2019 Q1UI Engine
Begin Open GL ES 2.0 Support
Revamped Colliders (#7)
2019 Q2Have most/full support for GLES2
2019 Q3TBC
2019 Q4TBC