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News regarding the development of the website.


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Hello all, This is just a quick blog post to say that NerdThings has moved from to This move will take some time to set up, so some of our things are still over on the old domain, but will be moved really soon. The old domain will redirect to the new domain […]

Website Upgraded to Artemis

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Hello all, We have upgraded our website to run on our new CSS framework Artemis, this is still in testing and will still take some time to tidy up, this will eventually be shared on GitHub. Anyway, @ us on discord if there are any clear issues! That’s all for now!

Website Experience Improved

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Hello all! The website experience has now been greatly improved: the blog page and the front page have received a makeover as well as a contact form. All of our staff members now also have blog accounts so they can post news about what they are doing on the site. Categories have also been improved, […]

Moved to the main address!

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Hello all! Just a quickie to say we’ve moved to away from the beta subdomain. Old links will redirect to the new homepage. Thanks for following development!

Website Layout Decided!

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Hello All! I have finished creating the page layout for the website and I am looking for feedback; is there too much or little text? too many or too little pictures? Anything that comes to mind, please give us a shout in our Discord Server. Thank you for following the progress of this website!

Welcome to the new website!

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Hello all, It brings me great happiness to see that the website is now functioning correctly and very well. This will be where we post news about games and other developments from now on, one the site is proven to be stable, it will be moved onto the main url. Thanks for being a part […]