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I am Reece Mackie, Co-Founder, Manager and Lead Developer at NerdThings. I have been coding for over 7 years, and really enjoy all kinds of projects. My favourite languages are: C++, C#, JS, Lua. I can also code in: HTML, CSS, (bits of) Python, Visual Basic (Yuck!), GML (GameMaker), Java. I am also a website administrator at Heart of the Travellers

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Hello all, This is just a quick blog post to say that NerdThings has moved from to This move will take some time to set up, so some of our things are still over on the old domain, but will be moved really soon. The old domain will redirect to the new domain […]

2019 in Review

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Hello there, It has been a very long time since anything has been posted on our website, and a large number of things have happened this year. This post will delve into everything that has happened, then will look into 2020. Ngine As announced on January 6, our open source game engine for internal use […]

Website Upgraded to Artemis

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Hello all, We have upgraded our website to run on our new CSS framework Artemis, this is still in testing and will still take some time to tidy up, this will eventually be shared on GitHub. Anyway, @ us on discord if there are any clear issues! That’s all for now!

Store Beta

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Hello all! We have just released a beta for both the web store and the NerdThings Client. These can be accessed from This now allows you to “purchase” free products and download games in the client. Paid products are not yet supported. That’s all for now!!

Terms and Privacy Update

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Hello all This is just a quick post to tell everyone that the website and services Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy have been either changed or added and will become active starting tomorrow, 25th February 2019. Please make sure you read these before continuing to use our services. Thanks for your cooperation!

Test Our New Client!

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Hello all! This is just a quick post to say we are working on the NerdThings client, if you want to test this out and give feedback, feel free to download the client from here. Please note that the client is a work in progress, just download the zip file, unzip it somewhere and run […]

NerdThings Rebrand

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Hello all, We have decided to (again) rebrand NerdThings with a fresh lick of paint, we are now using an extremely basic logo which we hope is easy on the eyes and recognisable. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, contact us with any on the Discord or Contact Form. Update: Should’ve added the logos! That’s all […]

Inferno Cancelled

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Hello all! It has been 2 years since we began work on our Inferno engine, and it has been fairly rough. We have had many downfalls and spent lots more time that we would have liked, the end goal was to have this engine power our next game. We have made the decision to cancel […]

Happy New Year!

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Hello everyone! This is just a quick post to wish everyone a happy new year from all of us at NerdThings! We have fantastic plans for this year as detailed in our last post, we hope that you are as excited as we are! Thanks for following developments!

2018 is Nearly Finished!

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Hello all, 2018 is very nearly finished, and I’d like to share with you what we have achieved this year, and what we have planned for the next year. This year, we have gotten our Inferno game engine from a mess of frameworks to a complete C++ library of its own. We also created a […]

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