2019 in Review

Hello there,

It has been a very long time since anything has been posted on our website, and a large number of things have happened this year. This post will delve into everything that has happened, then will look into 2020.


As announced on January 6, our open source game engine for internal use was discontinued. In May, I discovered a new C++ game framework, raylib (which is absolutely amazing and I recommend checking them out!), and decided to try building a system around it which would allow us to use raylib in our games, later named Ngine. Following this, raylib was stripped down and implemented into the Engine (for the single purpose of reducing dependencies) and now some core components such as rlgl and the audio system reside at the heart of Ngine. This engine was used (in a very early stage) to build the game jam entry, Waterlogged. This entry has later been published to the Microsoft Store to test UWP support in Ngine (An update will be pushed once the Engine has hit 1.0 to fix some crashes). There is currently a PR on the Ngine repository which is completing a large number of todos, implementing a full-fledged box2d integration and rewriting the renderer (still heavliy based of rlgl but much more simple to use). All of this has been achieved in an amazing 7 months, and I hope to begin developing more games in Ngine following a final release.


As mentioned earlier, Ngine was used to create a game jam entry called Waterlogged. This was the first game engine I had participated in alone, and came out reasonably polished considering the time spent developing it. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and it provided a very good insight into ways Ngine needed to be improved.


This year, I plan to head to University, so Ngine and game development will become way less frequent come September time, but until then I intend to keep working towards an Ngine 1.0 release and to begin developing a new game in it sometime this year.

Anyway, thank you for reading this post! Hope everyone has had a fantastic festive season!

Until next time!

Reece Mackie, Manager and Lead Developer

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